“Guy is probably the most dynamic and charismatic leader to whom I've reported. His motivational and presentation skills are second to none; further, he easily shifts gears from tactical to strategic to visionary and back again as needed. Guy has a very good grasp of how the corporate ‘pieces’ fit together most efficiently; further, he picks good leadership and then gives them as much -- or as little -- guidance as they need to meet their goals."

—Bob Lilja
Senior Vice President / Equity Partner
Weber Distribution, LLC

"Guy Denniston is incredible! I have known Guy for a decade and have greatly appreciated his leadership as well as his friendship while we have worked on various projects together. I had the pleasure recently of hearing from Guy in a business setting as he addressed a large group of professionals about the bedrock principals of leadership. His message was inspiring, his delivery was fantastic, and I refer often to the pages of notes I took. Guy Denniston is a leader, mentor, and teacher whose guidance I seek and whose service I highly recommend."

—Jeff Stromberg
Vice President / Financial Services
EMCOR Facilities Services

“Guy is an adroit manager and motivator. He consistently achieves excellent results and is a pleasure to work with.”

—Craig Johnson
Tenner Johnson LLP

“I have worked with Guy for many, many years. He has been both a client and a mentor in the industry. I recommend Guy highly. His sales and sales management knowledge and skills are excellent.”

—Michael Priestley
Business Owner
Westborne Group

“It is with great respect that I write this recommendation for Guy. I have known Guy personally and professionally for over 5 years and during that time, I have had the opportunity to experience first hand his extraordinary motivational and leadership skills. As I was progressing in my undergraduate studies and professional career, Guy spent countless hours coaching and mentoring me, ensuring that I was fully prepared for future challenges and success. I have no doubt that his knowledge and drive will push ALD Corporate Development and their clients to previously unreached heights.”

—Josh Cowley
Manager of Operations
American West Worldwide Express

“I worked for Guy at Weber Distribution and found him to be a strategic thinker, decisive and focused on achieving results. Guy is a strong communicator and motivator. He was respected by his staff and by others within and outside the organization. Guy and I worked closely together on multiple projects and I found him to be open and honest, and flexible when working through tough issues. I highly recommend Guy, as I have found him to be a very effective leader and motivator, and a great team player.”

—Rodgers Dorr
Chief Financial Officer
Weber Distribution, LLC

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